Quo vadis, Planet Earth?

Global warming is the term, that has become part of a life of our generation. We face it, we talk about it, we think about it, we write about it, we hear about it, we used to live with it, but I do not think we fight against it. The question is: Can we fight against nature? What if it is not the mankind, who causes it? Yet, if there is any chance to change the progress, we should try it.

In Europe, for example, we still find something what we should fight against. Russia, extremists, Brexit and the most recently – the immigrants or refugees has become our common interest (intentionally I do not use the term enemy). One can say, that this has nothing to do with climate change. Really?

Current change of Earth climate is the most rapid in Earth’s history. There were some periods, during which the cimate changed dramatically as well, but these were caused by volcanos, or asteroids, like 65 million years ago. If there came to some global climate changes, it barely mattered, because there were plenty of space on the Earth for everybody. The people can move up and down with no restrictions, they could pack and move to another, more suitable teritorry for living. 12 000 years ago, there were only 5 millions inhabitants on the Earth. It is like the Slovakians were the only people on the planet. Very interesting, even hard to imagine. Even at the beginning of the 20th century there were 150 mil. people on the Earth. Comfort.

Naturally, when the climate changes, people start to migrate. But since they have no space, where they can go, then conflicts start. Natural resources, which are damaged and contamined are not without limits. People need them to survive and they do everything to survive. They will simply fight. Against foreigners, domestics and against everybody who wants to occupy their place suitable for life. Another time bomb is overpopulation. In the Middle East until recently, there were relatively good conditions for agriculture, climate was good. Then, the drainage and faster warming began, and the conditions got worse. People in the countryside can not earn living and move to the cities, and than further and further. To the west for example.

The predictions says that till end of this century, the average temperature on the Earth increases by about 1,5° Celsius, in the worst scenario  it could be about 5° Celsius.Year by year the most powerful politics in the world meet and negotiate on climate summits how to reduce the emission of CO2. They have not agreed on anything yet, but we are out of time and we know it. Kyoto protocol is a briliant example of “successful” cooperation. This could lead to conclusion, that diplomacy can not help us in this matter. Yes, it does.

I would like to mention one thought, that I recently heard and it worth sharing: „Nature does not need humans, humans need nature.“ We should think about this quote. I would like to add, that nature needs humans, as well. We can not afford to be in a war with nature, we can not win this battle. They say that the best war is the one which never began. We need to solve this conflict in us very quickly. We need the leader. At least the general.Because nowadays we are too busy to deal with climate changes. Our priorities are different.

We all are the nature.

I think every crisis has its origin in the nature. Does not matter if moral, social or financial. Every. Because everything starts in us.

Never go to war, especially with yourself.

Boris Konček


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