TOP 4 green mobile applications

Our generation is the generation of information. We use our smartphones and laptops for everything. We wake up with them and we go sleep with them. Is there than any way how we can use our mobile phones to help the environment?  Is this mobile technology used somehow to protect environment and if yes, how exactly. I downloaded a lot of applications (around 30) and chose 4 best. I checked the applications and games for recycling, for green news, for illegal dumping and so on. The ones I am going to mention can be used all around the world.


This mobile application provides you with information about the quality of air across Europe.

It has data from 3,500 monitoring stations in +30 countries. Retrieve instant information about the major components of air pollution: ozone (O3), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and airborne particulate (PM10 and PM2.5).

It provides the accurate information for more than 500 cities around Europe, including Bratislava. Moreover you can share the quality of air with your friends through social media such as Facebook, Twitter or just e-mail them directly from the application. The application has filter for data, so you can see only what interests you. The application was developed by European Environmental Agency. It is available for iOS and Android smartphones. For more information you can use their website, where you can even compare the air pollution in different cities. As well it provides the explanation of pollutants that should concern you the most, such as Particulate matter, Nitrogen oxides and so on…


 This app is more for monitoring the movements around the world that consider climate change and environment. You can browse there initiatives, see how many people already clicked on them and share them on your social media. The idea is to create more informed society by sharing the ideas on the web.

 App helps you discover and share actions that you can take against climate change. At the beginning you can choose which world region concerns you and as well the topics you are interested in. You can track your progress on the platform with metrics like the number of supporters you’ve recruited, the count of reactions you’ve inspired, and the number of shares you’ve caused. The app is available for download on the iOS App Store.


This mobile app aims to showcase how our daily actions affect environment. It provides you with number of challenges + you can add there data and will show you your own statistics.  You can see how the choices you make in each area of your life — from how you live, what you eat, what modes of transportation you choose, and where you shop — connect to climate change.

Moreover you can find there green activities and challenges such as recycling or having electric car with information about upfront cost, saving of money + CO2 savings if you do that.


TrashOut is mobile app that located illegal dumps all around the world. Everybody can use it. You just go to place where illegal dump is and you click on the button locate, choose the size and the content of the illegal dump easily via icons. The app has now more than 30 000 of illegal dumps located and 3 000 out of those are in Slovakia.

Application was developed in 2012 by Slovak students and was used in more than 90 countries around the world with more than 100 000 downloads.

I wanted to inspire people at least to do something. There are apps for recycling, to see your imprint while riding your car, to find green restaurant and hotel and so on. Depends what you look for. This is just a small bit that everybody can use to be more informed and do something. Information is always a key to success.

Lucia Kelnarová, 6.6.2016



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