Is agriculture atractive for young people ?

Young farmers in Slovakia are experiencing a historic moment. It will be the first time in this programming period starting young entrepreneurs in agriculture backed at the beginning of its activities under the Programme rural development .

Whereas many of those interested in this promotion have no experience with the development of projects with European funding , to obtain information on the seminar , organized by the Association of Young Farmers in Slovakia ( ASYF ) during the exhibition Agrokomplex was very interested . Chairman ASYF , Bálint Pém pointed out another historic moment for the first time since the start of the Association of Young Farmers which was in 2008 , he accepted an invitation to the event, the Acting Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development .

Combine the interests of the state and young farmers
One of the reasons that in the previous programming period was the support for business start-up in agriculture for young farmers included measures Slovak PRV (this was decided only three countries in all EU Member States) is the fact that the structure of farms in Slovakia is compared with other European countries atypical. Still dominate large farms whose infrastructure is set up that actually prevents the mass recruitment of graduates of agricultural focus. On the other hand, young people seek employment and the state needs to solve problems in agriculture. Therefore, by supporting youth entrepreneurship in agriculture it delivers the possibility to combine these interests. Minister Jahnátek in his speech said: “FAILS, market funds fruits, vegetables and animal products. That’s why we joined the conditions for young farmers that their case will require a high proportion of the load over LSU and a high proportion of fruit and vegetables. This particular disadvantage We want to use and the prevention of collisions and nervousness among existing farms and applicants from the ranks of land to young farmers who have set aside about 11 000 ha of existing agricultural land administered by the Slovak Land Fund, which we make available to young farmers. ”


Other supporting action

The project will be to get the support of 50 000 euros to be disbursed in two installments, 75% in obtaining certification from PPA, the second part, demonstration of successful implementation of the business plan. These resources will certainly not cover all the needs of start-ups, so state in this project involved the Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank, which is prepared to accept two new models of the products My land for young farmers and an operating loan for a young farmer, where the system of liability and interest rate considerably softer than in existing players. It is expected that the production of young farmers will be implemented in the regional market. Minister for young farmers to say: “If you have some absolutely unique special production with high added value, you will have a very hard time getting to the big chains. With your capacity, you will have to focus more on their surroundings and the regional market and this around you will be strictly monitored for quality products that you offer. Those who will be of good quality and serious approach to customers, your place will find. That’s why we are preparing other measures that we can, and existing small farmers to the sale of vegetable products ( jams, marmalades, sauerkraut, etc.) in simple terms. ” Finally Jahnátek minister said that if the huge interest, will seek solutions and resources from other supports RDP to be able to repeat such a model in future years. The aim is to get young people into work and rejuvenate agriculture.


Lukáš Jurčina


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