Kukkonia – the project of sustainable development of the Rye Island

The regional development association announced the project Kukkonia, whose main aim is the development of Rye Island area, bounded by small and large Danube, in order to change Rye Island to an attractive tourist region. The project wants to raise the awareness of cultural values and natural beauties of the region Rye Island and it will be served to boost the local tourism based on landscape values.

The project´s main areas are: preservation, development and utilization of historical, cultural and natural potential of Rye Island in favor of its further development, revitalization of cultural, sports and leisure activities, the implementation of such activities, which will increase the attractiveness of the this area, support  of the revival of traditional crafts and professions, building a positive image of the area and its brand name.


The iniciators want to create a brand „Kukkonia“, which would include locally sourced products and  want to plug in local producers, also fulfilling certain criteria they can sell their products under this brand name. Rye Island  has a good reputation because of high quality food, which is at this moment crowding out because of inferior quality products selling by foreign supermarket chains. To emphasize our agriculture, we should follow the example of Italy and Austria, who defended their own food and producers.

kukkonia-9972.jpg                kukkonia-9996_1_1.jpg

The Kukkonia next project is a call for competition, which should renew Rye Island parks, urban-village green zones. It also deals with the construction of cycle tracks, supply and promotion of the tourist board signs, take into account the period 2014-2020 EU subsidies. In the future they plan to draw up a mobile applications, showing where and what historical monuments, restaurants, natural resources can  find  the cyclist.

In my opinion, this project is very important in terms of local agricultural production, it emphasises he protection and maintenance of local producers. The Rye Island has been always known about its food of high quality, like its honey or milk. Under the brand name Kukkonia consumers can be sure, that they eat locally produced food, which fullfils the criteria of the regional products, it does not contain chemical additives and last but not least, the purchase of products supports local farmers.

E. CS.


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