The answer to climate change?

When we are talking about inhospitable conditions for living, desert will come to our minds. One of that places is Dubai with a tropical desert climate. In summer, temperatures rise very high in the Dubai, with an average temperature around 41 °C during day. It is almost impossible to get out during the day. Even at night, the temperature, and especially the humidity in the air does not go down. The outdoor activities are to forget during this period, which extends generally from June to September. The humidity is very high, it can reach up to 90% and saturating the air in salt water directly from the evaporation of the sea. The atmosphere is quite suffocating, forcing residents to remain in the interior which is air-conditioned. Furthermore rainfall absolutely do not drop the humidity.

While we are talking about climate changes some of the richest nations try to find solution how to reduce humanity’s impact on the environment, the answer of Dubai is quite different. They are going to eliminate climate changes by building a climate-controlled city.

The city is going to be called the Mall of the World and it will be the first city in the world where citizens can avoid outside conditions for extended periods of time.

Although the idea of such an enclosure city might seem ridiculous, it is not the first senseless project in the Dubai. After building an indoor ski slope in the desert city of Dubai, there was a huge skepticism. Nowadays it attracts 750 000 visitor per year. During Dubai’s extreme summer temperatures, the temperature-controlled environment could become the region’s most popular destination. During Dubai’s winter months, when temperatures average 23 degrees, the city’s enclosed promenades will be opened to allow in the fresh air.

One of the most important part of the project is wellness district, which is designed to attract tourist for medical purposes. Mall of the World will cover an area of ​​8 million square meters connected to more than 100 hotels for 20 000 rooms and luxury apartments. Projectors expect that it will be the largest zone of this type in the entire world.

In order to maximize the comfort of future tourists, this gigantic complex of the size of a city will be equipped with a temperature controller that will cover approximately 7 kilometers of the main street, allowing customers to walk without suffering strong external temperatures. All this may seem completely disproportionate, but it is certain that this huge project has meaning to Dubai. Mohammed Ben Rashid Al Maktoum said: “the goal is to create an integrated city offering plethora of high-end services in a pleasant environment.” Tourism is key driver of UAE’s economy and they aim to make the Dubai an attractive destination all year long.

Tourist Tomas Klvana

We will see if this is going to be the best answer to climate changes. If yes, the Beijing will be probably the next one.


One thought on “The answer to climate change?

  1. Interesting article and idea but it seems to be futuristic, ineffective and nearly impossible to introduce concept globally. Maybe for the rich oil countries dealing with hot climate this is one of the solutions how to mitigate impacts but what about poor african, asian and latinoameracan metropolises?
    Not to mention the energy consumption of such a project and carbon footprint. Sure, global income increases the more people can afford a more comfortable life, which include air conditioning. But we are talking about a billions of new air-conditioning machines in future in India, China, Mexico etc. Greater demand for air conditioners will cause pressure on the price of energy, infrastructure and the environmental policy. The old and badly installed electricity network in some countries will be a big problem for new devices. And what about the heat released by these new machines?

    I recommend you to read this article:

    🙂 Tomáš Kolenčík


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